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2012年 06月









Nude little lo..
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Nude littl..



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Related article: This is a true account of what I got up to last night when I was
feeling particularily horny.My friend asked me to pick him up from work. It was about 10pm and was a
fairly mild night and I was lounging around in a tee shirt and shorts (a
pair that had briefs attached).
I put on a pair of trainers, got in the car and drove about a quarter of
a mile from my home before pulling in to the side of the road. I turned
off my lights and slipped off my shorts and tee shirt. Except for my
trainers I was now completely naked and my cock was getting harder by
the second as the cars passed me with their headlights shining into the
car. One horny lolita preteen asian
guy who passed on the other side of the road looked in as I
must have looked a little strange (topless from his view in the
I started the car and proceeded on my journey, now with a throbbing cock
between my legs. I stirred the car with one hand while pulling free lolita asian preteen on my
shaft with the other. I also put the fan on in the car and aimed the jet
of air at my balls (Damn that felt good). Each time I peaked I stopped
myself short of cumming and at times found it hard to consentrate on the
road. My cock was now throbbing and it's head was bright red. I am uncut
and the sheath of skin covering it was now right back exposing a very
sensitive helmet. I continued keeping myself just this side of cumming
for the rest of the journey and just before hitting my destination I
pulled in to the side of the road again. This area was well lit and had
a footpath by it. I tilted back the seat and splayed my legs as far
apart as I could. Still keeping the fan aimed at my balls I took my
throbbing cock by the base with one hand and caressed my cool balls with
the other. I started to slowly pump my cock pointing it straight up,
away from my body with a firm grip. My balls were quickly retacting now
and with the thought of someone being able to walk by at any moment it
was only a few more strokes before I shot. My orgasm was shuddering and
I shot up in the air. It went everywhere, over the steering wheel, on my
stomach and some on the passenger seat. I had to lay their a minute
afterwards to compose myself before I got dressed again and mopped up my
own cum with my window cleaning cloth.
I don't think my friend notice anything when I picked him up but the car
sure had a musky smell in it!I'd love to hear from other's and hear readers comments about my own
experience. My e-mail is opd69hotmail.com
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